Why peplum skirts are flattering

Alright guys, here’s the thing. I like pizza, i like sandwiches and I like bananas. I’m a very simple person to understand their eating habits, it’s pretty basic, not much meat, not too much that swims under the sea, and just about nothing spicy. While this does limit my abilities of what to eat, I do try to retain a healthy diet. I probably eat a little too much when I’m not hungry, out of boredom, but I also workout and whatnot so it’s ok. Needless to say, when it comes to what I’m going to wear out this weekend, peplum skirt’s and tops have become my standard go to. 

They’re incredibly flattering because they literally just hide your pooch. I know you all know what I’m talking about when I say pooch. And better yet, according to my knowledge, peplum anything has yet to be reported on the list of “20 Things Girls Love and Guys Hate”. So wear them away girls!

See how to pick the right peplum for your body type.

So, before you start thinking peplums are only for plus size, I’m not plus size, BYE. Let me bring something to your attention. Peplums look good on anyone! If you have a small waist then you’re golden because rock it with a crop top and you’re going to look super cute. If you’re wearing a peplum to make your waist look ideally smaller, then you’re also in luck because that’s the beauty of a peplum. Take a peek at some examples.


peplum skirt


So, if you’re itty bitty like Blake Lively and the girl on the right, then that just goes to show how a peplum can make your waist and legs look even smaller. Take a peek at Kim Kardashian in the middle, and while no mean is she large, but Kim has an amazing curvy figure. She knows how to dress for her body and looks good while doing it. On a curvier body peplums also sinch you in at the waist yet the loose additional material of the peplum doesn’t showcase everything underneath like a typical bodycon dress would do. These are such a great staple for every girls closet. I know many plus size girls, myself included, struggle with finding going out outfits to not always feel like you’re a plus size girl, and this is definitely one of those great picks. I say the more the merrier when it comes to these skirts, tops, and dresses! Also keep in mind that the skirts come in various lengths, so you could have a few for going out and a few pencil skirt options for the office during the week.

Check out some of my favorite peplum skirts, which include various colors, designs, and lengths here.

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