Weight loss for off shoulder tops

Last summer was the first time I bought off shoulder tops. I have always been a heavy set girl and starting in last April I decided to make a change. I began eating healthier and working out. I started running outside. I mapped out with my car a mile track around my neighborhood. I started off with a mile, running then walking running then walking for the entire time. When I got home I would do 20 sit-ups and and 20 arm exercises with 5-10 pound dumbbells. And, come June 1st, two months later, I was looking good!

I had lost 20 pounds and was ready for the short shorts, tank tops, spaghetti straps, crop tops, and anything else skin baring I could get my hands on.

I started off my shopping spree with something I had always wanted but always thought  my chubby biceps and armpit boobs couldn’t handle, an off the shoulder top. I did a little research to figure out where my best selections could be found.

off shoulder tops


This sassy little numbers can be found here.

After seeing it online with the shorts, jewelry, and overall look the girl portrayed, I knew this was it. It was the look I had always wanted to achieve yet never quite could get there with my extra weight.

Next up is this super cute long sleeve top from Revolve Clothing that I figured I could wear out at night, bars, restaurants, whatever.

off shoulder tops

I bought this top with the anticipation that I could wear it out for a date night. I have never had a boyfriend before, but I was hoping this weight loss would change that. I will be starting a new job next month and I’m hoping I’ll meet some cute, new guys there. I would love to wear this top with some skinny jeans and a cute pair of low heels. Dressing up is always something that makes me feel good, but if you have no where to go with it it kind of defeats the purpose. I can just imagine the soft, shoulder kisses I would get while wearing tops like these. I want it so bad some times it makes me gasp and I need to catch my breathe. Ever since loosing this weight, I have felt confident, which was something new for me. I have never been the take a selfie, purse my lips kind of girl, but maybe this would be the new me. I finally feel good in my skin and I’m not afraid to show that off, shoulders included! I think they’re such a sexy part of a woman’s body, it’s a real rush.

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