Mint till death do us part

Call me dramatic, but of all the men and boys that I’ve met in my life, none of them compare to my mint dresses. LOL I know, that’s a bit much but you’ve also never met the males in my life. Yes, they’re that bad. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that’s for a reason ladies and gentlemen, a product as good as mentioned previously, it won’t cheat on you, it won’t lie to you, it won’t eat your leftover Chipotle or steal your Ugg boots to let the dog out. Two things that diamonds and mint dresses have in common are that they’ve got your best interest at heart. PREACH.

Take a peek at some of my favorite examples. Nothing is better than long walks on the beach, casual photo shoots, and just nonchalantly looking gorgeous while walking down the street.

Get all these hot styles here!

mint dresses

Could a man ever frolic barefoot on a beach hillside while looking flawless? No. A man would be sweating, burning, trying to throw you in the water or burry you in the sand. Can you say no thanks.

mint dresses

The only girls using their heads in this picture are those wearing the mint dresses. I’m sorry and I do apologize, but the lady in white is just simply about to make a huge mistake. I mean seriously, rule number 1, I can barely makeout that ring and this picture isn’t even that small..

mint outfit


Answer me something, has a man in your life ever thought to be so generous as to match himself to your shoes? I simply don’t think so, and that doesn’t take much recollecting to know this. Enough said ladies, enough said.

They’re great all season long!
mint dresses

Have you ever said that about a boyfriend before? I doubt it because I’m pretty sure they’re horrible to kiss in November, they’re sweaty and smelly from May to August, they suck at celebrating holidays that fall in February. Ever heard of Valentine’s Day? Here’s wiki article in case you forgot. The only times they’re really good for is in the winter when all you need in life is one very large, comfortable, big spoon. I mean, as long as we’re being honest right?

So all in all, hoes are greater than bros, but what’s better than a plethora of mint dresses? Maybe someone to show it off to, yeah maybe that is what we really only need. So from here on out, I think it’d be safe to say show off your favorite styles and flaunt what your momma gave ya!

Let me know what you guys think of the look!

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