Christmas celebration boots hunt

Since college, my friends and me have this tradition of always celebrating special occasions together and having gimmicks for each special occasion. On welcoming the new year, we would make a new years resolution list in a paper of our favourite colour let each other read them and we will put it on our scrapbook and we would try a new restaurant in town to celebrate an adventurous new year for us! It’s cool when you’re in Florida and don’t mind going outside in the winter. On Valentines day, we would all be wearing pink or red dress or top to celebrated the love’s month. We would then be buying chocolates and share them with each other while sharing some love stories in our favorite cafe.

Our most exciting and most looking forward celebration is each other’s birthday celebration. Each and every celebration of my friends are all surprises, we don’t know when will the surprise celebration be, it can happen one day to three days before or after the date of our birthday. It includes tons of letters from us written in either small post its then stick it in a big cardboard shaped into heart, big card with all our hand written greetings, a box full of letters and inspirational quotes. We even give flowers or teddy bears, chocolates and all the sweet stuffs you can think of. While eating in the restaurant we would ask the waiters to surprise them by singing to the birthday girl with a lighted birthday candle on top of the birthday cake! It has always been a celebration that we always look forward. There will never be a dull birthday with us during those days! Oh! It’s very heart warming to reminisce all the moments we have together, the laughter’s, the fun times, the sad times that we would fight together.

It has been a while that I celebrated Christmas with my friends. Celebrating Christmas would be watching the movies together and dining out in a fancy restaurant (of course we only do this once a year, or we would be using all our allowance up!) We would then give each other’s gifts based on the wish list we have. Good thing that Kim decided to bring back and liven up the tradition! My college friends and me are going to have fancy dinner to celebrate Christmas season. I am so excited to see them and of course I am excited to plan my outfit!!! Hurray!!!!

I have this dress from Forever21, and I was thinking of wearing it with cognac boots!

gray dress

Since my work is very demanding I have no time to shop around the mall and find the perfect pair of cognac boots! Here’s what I found, aren’t they the cutest! Perfect for our gathering!

cognac boots

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